• 02/07/2020
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  • by creski-kaic
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JK Reful, in cooperation with the Island Development Agency (OTRA) and Town of Cres, as partners, applied for a project to the tender of LAGUR Vela Vrata which allocates funds for preservation and valorization of maritime and fishing heritage and preservation the identity of the area. With that project, called “Creski kaić – preservation and valorization of fishing and maritime heritage of the island of Cres”, we want to secure funding for the implementation of activities for preservation, valorization and promotion of maritime and fishing heritage over next three years.

Our project idea is based on the experience we gained last year through the organization of the event “Cres kaić – days of Cres maritime heritage and tradition”. If the proposed project gets sufficient points and its financing is approved, this year’s program will be even richer due to the availability of more funds and the possibility to rely on our two new partners in the implementation of the activities.

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